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The Golden Mean Spiral is the ideal and correlates to Source. It is the symbol of life’s unfolding mysteries.  With each revolution the spiral reveals a complete cycle of evolution.  It offers a wiser and more all-encompassing perspective gleaned from growing by “learning all angles” of each experience. With their continuous curves, spirals are feminine in nature.  Logarithmic spirals, like cochlea of the inner ear, reveal the intimate relationship between the harmonics of sound and geometry.

This is a web-based streaming simulation of one of the thirteen animated Sacred Geometry images included in lightSource.

With the lightSource CD-ROM, images are displayed full screen...providing a heightened visual experience with smoother animations and far greater detail in the images.

If you would like to have this applet running on your own web site at no cost, please send a request to CodeName: MANA, along with the address of your site.

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