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lightSource Bonus Download

Free to all owners of lightSOURCE Volume I and lightSOURCE w/Hemi-Sync software, all versions.

This animated version of The Emissary Wheel was originally created for James Twyman for his website The Beloved Community.

You can preview the image here on our site.

This download will now enable display of The Emissary Wheel animated image directly from within lightSOURCE on your computer.

The image is packaged in a self-extracting zip file. Simply save this file to your desktop. Then double-click on it and it will automatically unzip and place the file to the correct location on your computer (c:\windows\lightsource).

Click here to download The Emissary Wheel image

Then open the screensaver or meditation tool configuration dialog, select the new image (EmissaryWheel) which appears in the left panel that shows available images, and click "Add" so that it then also appears in the 'Selected Image' panel on the right.


lightSource Support

Known Instance 1

In some earlier versions of lightSource, when using the lightSource Meditation Tool (not the screen saver) - when a 'Duration' is selected - the sequence of images terminates after sequencing through the selected images one time.

Unless the 'Run For:' check box is checked (which force-terminates the program in accordance with the user's desires), the program should run without cessation until lightSource detects a mouse or keyboard event.

To correct this problem:
Click on the Tool Fix link below, download the file, double click it to launch it, then unzip it to the default location (C:\Windows\lightSource).

This will eliminate the problem.



Known Instance 2

lightSource calls upon significant graphics resources to optimize viewing quality. In isolated cases this usage can instigate system instability.

If you experience problems, such as:

  • Your desktop becomes rearranged after lightSource runs, or
  • Your monitor refresh rate is inexplicably changed

...the solution is to open the lightSource configuration dialog and uncheck the "allow mode change" checkbox.

This eases the impact on system resources. In almost all cases making the change as described above will eliminate the problem.